Uzdwagi Zandi Ko ba Rang Bnany Ka 7 Mesail

Natural excitement is of fundamental importance for a happy married life and
lack of it not only creates bitterness in married life but also leads to various
physical and psychological confusions. Here are some key factors that may affect
sexual arousal: 1. Inability to perform sexual acts in impotent men causes
physical and mental distress and as a result sexual arousal cools down.
Impotence can be both physical and psychological and there is a cure for it, so
contact a qualified doctor for this. Continued. – 2 Menopause Decreased hormone
production after the onset of menopause in women. Occurs which can lead to
dryness of the limbs and consequent pain. That’s why dementia can lead to a
decrease in enthusiasm. This problem can also be solved completely with the
advice of a doctor. Continued. -3 Depression If you feel a lack of sexual
desire, then depression can be one of the main reasons because constant severe
mental stress affects sexual health. And depression medications also have
negative effects in this regard..Continued.-4 Insomnia Get enough sleep for good
sexual health because insomnia not only affects general health. Parents may also
be stressed due to the responsibilities of young children, so make time for
yourself from these responsibilities. – 6 drugs of all kinds. Extremely harmful
to sexual health, especially avoid alcohol and excessive smoking. Continued. in

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