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O Allah, my husband has come

O Allah, my husband has come

O Allah, my husband has comeĀ 

The new beautiful, well-dressed and young man settled in the neighborhood. There
were three small children. The husband looked ugly and grumpy. Seeing the face
of the neighbor, all the men of the neighborhood sympathized with the woman. The
woman slowly started coming to the houses in the neighborhood. Sheikh Sahib and
Mirza Sahib came to know through their wives that the husband of the new
neighbor was fierce and suspicious. The woman is very afraid of her husband. As
soon as they heard this, the eyes of both men went up to the sky. I complained
in my heart about how Allah has given diamonds to the unworthy. One day Sheikh
Sahib met a beautiful new neighbor at a vegetable shop. He himself went ahead
and greeted. Sheikh Sahib was proud of his fate. The woman said that if Sheikh
Sahib does not mind, then some advice is needed from you. Sheikh Sahib was
overjoyed. The woman had said Sheikh Sahib instead of Bhai Sahib like ordinary
housewives. Sheikh Sahib was very happy Hiding, he replied very politely. Please
"My husband often stays out of town for work," she said. I am not so literate.
Children's school admissions needed guidance. The woman said it was not
appropriate to stand on the street and talk like this. If you have time, let me
know in a few minutes. in English So that I can get them admitted tomorrow.
Sheikh Sahib was ready to tell for a few minutes what centuries. He immediately
said yes. Come on Sheikh Sahib entered the house walking with the woman. He was
just sitting on the sofa when the sound of a scooter stopping came. The woman
panicked. O Allah, my husband has come. They have to kill me and you. They will
not hear anything. Do something This is a pile of clothes in front. You take off
the veil of this blue dupatta and sit down and start ironing clothes. I would
say that the ironing aunt is working. Sheikh Sahib quickly removed the veil and
started ironing. Ironing for three hours as long as the scavenger was in the
house. As soon as the husband left the house. Drunk with sweat, exhausted, the
thief Sheikh Sahib came out of the house with exhausted steps. As soon as they
came out, Mirza Sahib appeared in front of them. Asked how long it will be
inside. I have been ironing for three hours. Mirza Sahib regretted Saw and
spoke. The pile of clothes that you have ironed for three hours, yesterday I sat
and washed for four hours. Did you also cover yourself with a blue dupatta ?????
Sheikh Sahib nodded in affirmation and both the friends died with their feet
Walk to your homes.

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