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“Look at the woman with respect. You have come into the world through her”

 اسلام اور عورت
"Look at the woman with respect. You have come into the world through her"

“Look at the woman with respect. You have come into the world through her”

But even at such heights, she could not protect her rights and dignity from the
filthy look of a man. Eve’s daughter is not safe in modern times. Even today,
women who touch the sky are thrown to the ground, while women are like delicate
flowers that wither when touched and broken by twigs. Their protection is very
important. There are those who have mother at the same time, then heaven is
sister, then honor is wife, then house is adornment and daughter is mercy, so in
view of all these references, she is worthy of every degree of honor, dignity
and status. Emphasizes the dignity of women because this is the case of Eve’s
daughter March 8 is a symbol of unity and constant struggle for women around the
world. This day is reminiscent of the struggle for women’s rights. March 8 is
specifically designated as Women’s Day, but set aside only one day for their
rights and protection. It is not enough to give, but steps must be taken to
protect them until they are fully protected in society. Islam teaches the
dignity and respect of women. The protection of women’s dignity is also
important in that the disrespect and dignity of a woman directly affects other
members of the society in many respects at the same time. From the point of view
of impartiality, the human rights situation in Pakistan in the past has not been
visible and commendable. In the case of human rights violations, women have been
more affected. Women working outside the home are ridiculed even in modern
times. And tolerate derogatory phrases because our society is still male Yes,
and Eve’s daughter is insecure. The dignity of women is trampled on, even the
innocent little buds are trampled. Therefore, the protection of women is very
important for the social development of the country. President Dr. Arif Ali’s
violence against women and their Some of the key points of the speech made for
the protection of It is comforting to hide innocent faces in the veil of
darkness. Why don’t these so-called men understand that we women are also human
beings? Creatures with soft feelings die with bitter accents. Then why do they
break and trample them with a twig? Ensuring the safety of a woman should be
like a blood vessel in the nature of a man which is now extinct. Stop exploiting
a woman. I pray that no stain will ever be left on a daughter. Amen!

“عورت کو عزت کی نگاہ سے دیکھا کرو تم اسی کے ذریعے دنیا میں آئے ہو”


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