Girl’s two conditions

Girl's two conditions

Girl’s two conditions

There was a gentleman who went far in search of marriage and reached the age of
marriage. When a young girl finally liked it, she sent the relationship. The
young girl laid down two conditions and got ready for marriage. The first is
that you will always sit among the young men. Secondly, you will always come to
the house by climbing the wall. got married. Babaji used to sit among the young
men and gossip. Young people obviously only talk about girls and love. They are
not interested in the flow of markets and they have nothing to do with such
topics as the Great Wall of China. Babaji’s mood was always romantic. When they
went home, they would jump over the wall with a jerk and jump into the house.
Finally one day Baba Ji Old acquaintances found. They hugged him and took him to
their venue. What was to happen there now? Dude, I’m dying of knee pain. I sit
and pray. Dude, my ablution doesn’t last. My brother John’s spinal cord has been
opened. The doctor says don’t be shocked. Dude, I can’t see anything. Yesterday
I drank kerosene instead of water. If there is a drip, then life is saved. As
Baba Ji listened to him, his morale went down. When he reached the underworld,
the Majlis was dismissed and Babaji left for home with a slippery foot. When I
reached the house and saw the wall, instead of the wall of the house, it was the
chain wall. He did not dare to jump the wall so that he would not come out like
Baba Pahja. After all, the model was the same for both. Babaji knocked on the
door. Knock knock knock knock Wife bid from the inside: That is why he spoke
while sitting among the soldiers. It seems that today the meeting of elders has
been attended, that is why courage has been answered. Corollary: Man does not
grow old. The council makes him old. Psychologists write that teachers do not
grow old quickly because they live in a children’s council. Thus the environment
neutralizes the effects of time and space on them.

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