“brother ! Think carefully. It is not an easy thing to take such a big step. It is a very big responsibility and then who can understand Sarah’s mood better than you. Will she tolerate anyone else like her? ”In english in English

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is a big responsibility and then who can understand Sarah’s mood better than
you. Will she tolerate anyone else like her? ”Hearing her name. Sarah nodded
helplessly, and Amy and Naila Pappu were sitting together. Naila! I have talked
to you after thinking about everything. I have been thinking about this issue
for many days, but now I have made a decision. ”Sarah shook her head and started
decorating Gar Ya’s house in order. “Okay, then I will definitely talk to Saqib
Bhai. Inshallah, they will definitely obey us. ”Sarah’s aunt Naila assured her
cooperation and my mother was happy. Naila said: “I was sure you would join me.”
And then on the third day Sarah’s mother Abu and Papu brought Amna to their
house. “All daughter!” Come here! ”Amy called to him. There was sweetness in her
voice. ”Sarah daughter! This is your sister Amina. She will stay in the same
house with us now. ” “How come this black clothi has become my sister!” There
were no impressions, she was just looking at Sarah. Sarah raised her mouth and
got up from there. Amy was embarrassed in front of Papu. in English “No problem,
I’ll get over it soon. She’s just a little stubborn.” As she walked, Sarah heard
Amy’s voice. At night, my mother brought Amna to Sarah’s room. Amna was an
innocent seven-year-old girl. Sarah was two years older than him. Every time she
looked at Amna, a look of helplessness appeared on her face. As he was leaving,
he adjusted Sarah’s quilt and kissed her on the forehead, but Sarah fell asleep.
Two days passed, then four days and then the whole week passed. Sarah’s
frustration was growing. Amy kept Amna talking to her. Amna started doing small
things. When Sarah came home from school, Amna would pick up her bag and put it
in the designated place, then put her randomly placed shoes in the rack. She
watched Sarah as she prepared for school. “If Sarah’s fifth exam is done, then
Amna will also be in the third One day Sarah’s mother said to her husband and
they went out shaking their heads. When she heard this, Sarah was heartbroken:
“Honhah, this witch will go to school with me.” There were four siblings, who
were shared by relatives. in English Amna was brought by Sarah’s mother. Sarah
kept thinking that if she was an orphan then what was my fault in that! This
witch had come and taken over my mother. She had become a partner in my mother’s
love. Because of this negative thinking, Sarah was angry with Amna.
“Incompetent! You idiot.” As soon as he said that, a tama chasara put it on
Amna’s face. Her eyes filled with tears and she started crying secretly. Tama
che’s voice had reached the kitchen, so Amy. Come out immediately. “I’m reading
it, but I don’t understand anything. Sarah excused herself while defending
herself. Amy grabbed Amna, who was sobbing, and looked at Sarah. Don’t waste my
goodness like this, Sarah! Looking at Sarah, Amy spoke sadly and Sarah walked to
her room. Sarah was bleeding profusely for her support of Amna. She angrily fell
on the bed and hid her face in the pillow. Sarah dreamed that there was a huge
crowd of people in one place. There were people everywhere, but they were all
strangers. Sarah did not know anyone and did not know anyone. in English She was
looking for someone to see her, but no one had any interest in Sarah. She
started to panic. In the same crowd, Sarah started looking for Ami Abu.
Sometimes she would run after someone and sometimes she would hear someone’s
voice. If she had gone closer, she would not have had a mother or a father. As
time went on, Sarah’s anxiety increased. The feeling of being alone was
disturbing. “Mommy! Mommy!” Where are you? Where is Abu Ji? ”Sarah cried and
shouted:“ Ami ․․․․ Abu ․․․․․․ ”“ What happened my daughter! Sarah’s daughter! We
are all here, with you. “My mother was standing near Abu. “I’m scared to sleep,”
said my mother, lifting her in her arms. When Sarah came out of the dream, she
found Amna sitting on her bed. She was looking at Sarah with sympathy, as if she
was feeling sorry for the frightened Sarah in the dream. She wants to comfort
Sarah. Sarah gestured to him and lovingly held his hand. What a grief it is to
be separated from her, ”the dream explained to her. in English

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